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A Spring-y girl’s “craft-ernoon” + the most basic and delicious wine spritzer recipe

After so many weeks in quarantine, we needed a break from Netflix and Zoom, and that break came in the form of a girl’s afternoon in!

We ordered craft kits from Tulsa Stained Glass, and I whipped up the most basic, but delicious wine spritzer (recipe below), served on a gold mirrored tray (a key family party trick) to sip while we made Tulsa flag mosaics.

Tulsa Stained Glass offers mosaic kits to pick up curbside, and their most recent addition to their list of projects is the Tulsa flag!

The kit includes the pre-traced tile, glue, q-tips to apply the glue, pads for the bottom of the tile, and glass pieces.

The process of putting it all together seems is pretty self explanatory, but more it's difficult than it seems!

This wasn’t an effortless project to put it nicely, but we all agreed that finding tiny glass pieces in just the right shape was sort of soothing in the same way that completing a puzzle is.

You can find more information about the kit here!

I think that a mixed cocktail, even a super basic one like this, is a nice extra touch to a simple get together, and bonus points for cute display!

“Well, you could always use it for a spritzer”. Like clockwork, this line is said every time a less than desirable bottle of wine pops up in our lives. Sometimes received as a hostess gift or gift exchange prize, here’s what you should do with it -----

The great thing about a spritzer is that you can use whatever you want, and make it your own! The basic recipe to follow is:

white or pink wine + something sparkling + fruit

For ours, I started with Oak Leaf White Zinfandel for the wine. THIS WINE IS 2 DOLLARS! It's not the best wine I've ever had, but it is certainly worth 2 bucks, especially for a mixed drink! For the something sparkling, I used Sprite because we had it already cold in the fridge, and for the fruit I used frozen peach slices and raspberries to make the drink extra cold. I added the ice to the glasses, mixed up the ingredients in the empty pitcher and there ya go, a wine spritzer that looks more polished than it is!

When I say "you can use whatever you want", I mean it. You can use any type of wine that you want, adjust to what you like and have on hand. For the something sparkling, you could go with something sweeter like Sprite, or use La Croix or other sparkling water for a less sweet option. You can choose a flavor of sparkling water to go with the fruit that you choose, or just something neutral. It's all up to you!

I love this drink because it’s light and refreshing and sweet and pretty in a glass. Perfect for spring or summer and you can make it in big batches, or for small get togethers. AND, you can make it with whatever you have on hand, no special ingredients necessary.

And for unwanted red wine, SANGRIA.

The pitcher: a target clearance find for less than $5! I love plastic or acrylic serving pieces like this! Easy to handle and to clean! I didn’t know what I’d use it for, but I thought even if I never use it as a serving piece, I could put some flowers in it as a vase!

The glasses: another target find (who’s surprised?) from the dollar spot! These 2 for $3 glasses, were a part of the Galentine’s Day supplies section and I just knew I’d get another use out of them.

The tray: a vintage gold mirrored tray that my Grammy hunted down and gave to me for my 21st birthday. We LOVE to use a mirrored tray as room decor to display jewelry or perfume bottles, but I love to make it double function by pulling it out to use for drinks or cookies at a party!

I hope we all get to make wine spritzers for all of our friends in gatherings of more than 10 again soon. PLEASE invite me if you do, I'm gonna be positively CRAVING the social interaction



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