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Every Family Should Have a "Fiesta Tub"

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

As I've mentioned before, hosting is a family affair at my house. Coming from a long line of great party hosts, I'm not exactly sure when or where the Fiesta Tub originated, but as long as I can remember, it's been around, in some closet, waiting to be pulled out and used for the hundredth(?) time.

Let me explain- this is a regular plastic storage tub that contains almost everything that you could possibly need to throw a fabulous fiesta.

Here are all of the things currently included in our tub:

  • colorful woven placemats

  • broken Mexican pottery pieces (for table scatters)

  • dry black beans (also table scatters)

  • painted maracas

  • a sombrero

  • a mortar and pestle

  • a small, bright piñata (ours is from Hobby Lobby)

This tub is needed more than you might think- of course it's incredibly useful if you need to throw together a Cinco De Mayo party, but if you think about it (and love Mexican food enough), nearly any event could be fiesta themed.

We've used this eclectic collection of items for family dinners, church events, and fundraisers, but my favorite example happened in 2015 when my mom pulled off a fiesta themed Grandparent's Day luncheon for 100 Elementary students and their grandparents with 24 hours notice. This is still pretty legendary in my opinion, but she never could have done it without this iconic staple of our family.

Now, this isn't the only party tub floating around in the closets of our home. You are also likely to find a tub labeled "Bridal/Baby Shower", "Tropical/Summer Party", and more. We have a system where whenever we host an event for the first time, it gets a tub. It seems crazy to me that some people throw away party decor after they host an event! If you're one of these people, go buy yourself some plastic storage tubs and some labels and get to packing!

Now is the perfect time of the year to host Cinco De Mayo party for your closest ones and start your very own Fiesta Tub! Below, you'll find a few tips and tricks that my family loves to use and some pictures of our essentials!

To me, these items are what makes a fiesta: tequila, limes, and a piñata!

Bring in some instruments! These random, brightly colored instruments make for great filler on tables, and some fun entertainment too!

With so much else going on, I like to keep paper ware and cups simple- bright, solid colors never disappoint, but you can't go wrong with some fun paper straws!

Bonus points for themed mylar balloons! You can find these at any party store, online boutique or on amazon! I got these from an online party boutique called Twigs and Twirls

Use stuff from around your house! Limes, a yellow candle, some random Mardi Gras beads, a festive looking dish, and a tequila bottle are easy options to add in!



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