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I Have A Newfound Love For Shutterfly

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I'm sure that I'm not alone in this, but when I think of Shutterfly, I think of Christmas cards, photo prints, random custom gifts and that's pretty much it.

Well, it turns out they have SO MUCH MORE! No, this is not a sponsored post in any way (lol if you think that I have enough blog cred for that at this point), I've just been loving it recently and thought I should pass the info along.

So here's the deal - Shutterfly has customizable party supplies and I am HERE FOR IT. You may be thinking "wow, that's a lot of all caps for this", but just wait until you see what I got...

First, I got these adorable napkins for an upcoming Bachelorette Party that I'm hosting! I wanted to get something personal, but still fun to add a little something extra to the party and I think these are gonna be perfect!

Here is the link for the napkins on Shutterfly! They're on sale right now!

The other thing that I got, were these lovely sticky labels. You could really do so much with these, but the way that I've shown it, is customizing coffee collars for a Bridal Shower!

Here is the link for these labels! Also on sale right now!

Shutterfly is always having some sort of sale, and you can usually combine several different coupon codes. Never ever ever ever pay full price for anything on Shutterfly. A quick google search for coupons will save you lots! I got the napkins and the labels for less than $20 after shipping!

In my opinion, a really personal detail like custom napkins or cups takes a party from cute and fun to "OOOOOH" and "AHHHHH" and who doesn't want that?!

Let me know if you use Shutterfly for your next celebration!



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